We’re putting ingenuity to work | We see what a difference technology can make in the lives of patients and clinical providers. That’s why we’re putting technology to work for them—helping to expand online access to affordable care.

Our Team: Talent + Tenacity


Jill Balderson

Jill proudly leads the talented Kaleido team, drawing upon her rich background in healthcare innovation, telemedicine, strategic planning, business model evolution, and operations leadership. She is continually inspired by the Kaleido team's passion for finding innovative ways to deliver quality care, a purpose she deeply shares.

"I love seeing the creative problem-solving the Kaleido team brings to every challenge-always pushing themselves to find solutions that will help patients and clinical providers. Every day, this team inspires me to keep at it, building something that can change healthcare for the better."

Amina Chaudhry
Medical Director

Dr. Amina Chaudhry is a general internist with over 15 years of primary care clinical, academic, and community health experience in domestic and international settings.

"I am excited about the transformative potential of telehealth to increase access to high quality health care and provide a great care experience."

Joe Delgrippo
Chief Technology Officer

Joe comes with over thirty years of experience in Information Technology. He is known to introduce new, improved practices while developing and implementing tactical processes with demonstrated results.

“What we’re doing here at Kaleido is truly part of a changing era–changing how people get access to their most basic health care needs. And I’m invigorated to be part of this movement.”

Andrew Welch
VP, Operations

Andrew's experience in healthcare operations, strategic planning, and finance spans more than two decades. Over the course of his career, he has worked closely with academic medical centers, community hospitals, and other providers to streamline clinical processes, launch new initiatives and open new sites, and expand access to care.

"Telehealth is transforming our industry. With a few clicks on a phone, patients can now get the care they need – without driving long distances or taking time off from work. By expanding access in this way, our technology can really make a difference in people's day-to-day lives."

Susan Collins
VP, Customer Experience

Susan combines her expertise in educational design with technology implementation and operations. From working directly with patients in healthcare and designing digital educational programs to implementing innovative telehealth solutions, Susan strives to make sexual and reproductive healthcare accessible to all.

"When patients rave that they got healthcare from the comfort of their homes-that makes my day!"

Edward Mahadeo
Director, Infrastructure and Security

Edward has over 20 years of experience in designing, building, maintaining, and transforming secure infrastructures. Edward has worked in various domestic and international industries, including telecommunications, media production, broadcasting, energy, and nonprofit agencies.

"Being a part of this mission goes beyond just working here. We are part of a profound telehealth movement, a dynamic shift in bringing quality healthcare to patients. Challenges abound, but the purpose prevails."

Vanessa Johnson
Business Operations Manager

With over 10 years in healthcare operations, Vanessa's background varies from project and budget management, strategic planning, human resources, and customer relations. As Kaleido's Business Operations Manager, Vanessa uses all aspects of her background to ensure that everything runs seamlessly.

"The healthcare landscape is like a kaleidoscope—there's always a slight change, but everything eventually falls into place. We're here to make that change."

Jimmy Morgan
Director, Software Engineering

Jimmy has over 20 years of experience designing, developing, and implementing web and API solutions across various industries including healthcare market research, loyalty marketing, continuing medical education, and music royalty distribution.

"Building is my passion, but contributing to a good cause that will revolutionize the industry, is an honor."

Anuja Mehta
Marketing Manager

Anuja's background varies from marketing high-end fine jewelry to prestige skincare, and now sexual reproductive health care on a mobile app – 10 years and counting.

"What I love about being part of this team is there's never a dull moment. Conversations are always full of passion because we all truly enjoy playing our part in this shifting era of digital health."


At Kaleido Health Solutions, we're proud of our dedicated team and our important purpose.